Recreational Use of Weed

It should be obvious that cannabis users must experience a highly pleasurable effect since they go to so much trouble to get it. This effect has been described in literature by various writers for the past two thousand years or more with an ecstasy that makes experienced users glow with warm delight and nonusers wonder if they might not have missed something worthwhile. 

As of this writing, one in five Americans live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal and they don't have to go to a doctor and dispensary to smoke legal weed. Recreational weed states include: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Washington D.C.. So, if you haven't already, you can easily experience it for yourself.

People have different experiences while smoking and the range of testimonies span the gambit. 

One of the more graphic descriptions was written during the late nineteenth century by the poet Charles Baudelaire, who, with Theophile Gautier, was a founding member of the Club des Hashischins at the Hotel Pimodan in Paris. 

Baudelaire, it should be remembered, is discussing hashish, which is five to six times stronger than Cannabis. Despite this, his recital is relevant to all cannabis products, for marijuana effects are similar to hashish effects, differing only in intensity of toxicity. This can be demonstrated by increasing the intake of marijuana. 

Charles Baudelaire

The Poem of Hashish


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